Soul Food to Start

Veal Tartar

Swiss veal tartar, covered with an Etivaz-potato espuma and Oona caviar

Foie Gras

Sautéed duck liver with Sauternes, homemade brioche with raisins, green bean salad with Périgord black truffle and fresh mango

Lobster Salad

Iceberg salad with marinated tandoori lobster, Thai mango, avocado, cucumber and Caesar dressing

Seabream Carpaccio

Fresh sea bream sashimi with artichoke salad and peels of Sardinian Bottarga


Clear Oxtail

Homemade Swiss beef consommé, baby vegetables and Sherry

Lobster Bisque

Smooth and creamy lobster soup with Cognac, saffron potatoes, baby carrots, celery, mushrooms and broccoli

Pumpkin and Ginger Cream

with sautéed wild mushrooms, toasted hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds

Homemade Pasta and Risotto

Open Ravioli

Pan fried scallops, fresh sautéed spinach and champagne-vanilla beurre blanc

Artichokes Tortelli

Homemade tortelli stuffed with Sardinian artichokes, Swiss cheese fondue, served with crispy Guanciale and tomato tapenade

Tuscan Ricotta Gnudi

Dumplings of ricotta and spinach, served with alpine butter, aged parmesan, sage and Périgord black truffle

Minimum preparation for two people

Lemon Risotto
per person 48

with slow cooked scampi, basil and orange juice

Risotto Milanese
per person 35

Saffron risotto cooked with Swiss beef marrow and parmesan

No Fish, No Meat

Fennel Confit

Warm lentils with crunchy fennel, greek yogurt and harissa quenelle topped with a fennel consommé

Traditional "Crêpes au Gruyère"

Pan fried crêpe stuffed with Gruyère cheese, warm tomato concassé, black pepper and beurre noisette

Shiitake and Pak Choi

Pan fried pak choi, sautéed shiitake mushrooms with soy sauce, sweet potatoes and spring onions

Red Thai Curry

Pan fried vegetables, pak choi, mushrooms, broccoli, green beans, coriander, ginger and coconut milk served with basmati rice

Fish and Seafood

Dover Sole

Sole Meunière with lemon, capers, sautéed spinach and glazed onions

John Dory

Pan fried John Dory filet with lemon juice, variation of artichokes (sautéed, raw and purée) served with olive tapenade

Trout Zugoise Style

Swiss rainbow trout filet, braised leek and potato purée with herbs

Minimum preparation for two people

Atlantic Turbot

Whole Atlantic turbot oven baked, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, garlic, white wine sauce and Ligurian olives

Mediterranean Sea Bass

Oven baked sea bass in a sea salt crust with season vegetables, steamed potatoes, ColleMassari olive oil and lemon

Meat and Poultry

Veal Cutlet

Swiss veal chop, mushrooms fricassée with garlic and rosemary, Anna potatoes and thyme jus

Tournedos Rossini

Pan fried Swiss beef tenderloin, sautéed duck liver and spinach, served with Madeira sauce and Périgord black truffle

Crusted Lamb Loin

Lamb fillet rolled in puff pastry, stuffed with mushrooms duxelles, a cassolette of baby potatoes, artichokes, zucchini carrots and red wine sauce

Minimum preparation for two people

per person 88

Swiss beef tenderloin with Béarnaise sauce, gratin dauphinois, sautéed spinach

Roasted Chicken "Le Patte Noire" from Gruyère

Swiss whole chicken stuffed with mushrooms, sautéed potatoes, grilled vegetables and rosemary jus

Cheese and Desserts

Local Cheese Selection

Served with fruits chutney, honey and dried fruits

Tarte Tatin

Caramelized apple pie with Calvados sauce and cinnamon ice cream

Gratinated Sabayon

with poached pear and Marsala wine


Savoyard biscuit, coffee and mascarpone

Chocolate Fondant

with Bourbon vanilla sauce and ice cream

Swiss Chocolate Delights

Chocolate trilogy creation by our pastry chef

Homemade Sorbets and Ice-Cream
per scoop 5

Lemon, strawberry, raspberry, mango, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio

Japanese Mochi Ice-Cream and Sorbets
per piece 6

Chocolate & vanilla, pistachio, mango, green tea, lychee, passion fruit

Minimum preparation for two people

Vanilla Soufflé (20mn)
per person 22

with vanilla sauce and ice-cream

Dark Chocolate Soufflé (20mn)
per person 24

with chocolate sauce and ice-cream

Grand Marnier Soufflé (20mn)
per person 25

with orange sauce and ice-cream

Meat and Fish Provenance

Beef Switzerland, USA, Argentina
Pork Switzerland
Poultry Switzerland, Spain
Veal Switzerland
Lamb Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand
Foie Gras France, Hungary
Bone Marrow Switzerland
Turbot Spain
Tuna Philippines
Black Cod Fish South America
Monkfish Island
Lobster USA, Canada
King Crab North America
Caviar Switzerland, France
Dover Sole Netherland, Atlantic, Northeast
Sea Bass Aquaculture Organic Label Mediterranean Sea
Salmon Scotland, Ireland
Scallops Canada
Prawns Vietnam
Oysters France
Gambero Rosso Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea

Our restaurants has a sustainable seafood sourcing policy based on the WWF seafood guide.

Diet and Allergies

Our Chef is at your disposal for any specific dietary requirements or allergies.

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